My Belgrade And My Melbourne

„Moj Beograd i moj Melburn“ (My Belgrade And My Melbourne) is a special edition of documentary TV series „Moj Beograd“. It is the project created by Ivana Nikolić and brought to life thanks to sponsorship of honour by Embassy of Australia in Serbia and shonsorhips by Air Serbia and Etihad Airways. This miniseries consists of 9 epizodes and it is screened in Melbourne, Sydney, Elaine and Belgrade. Ivana’s interviewees for this miniseries were H.E. ambassador of Australia in Serbia Juila Feeney, professor at RMIT University PhD Aleksandra Acker, renowned New Zealand-Australian harpsichordist PhD Donald Nicolson and few other respected members of Serbian diaspora in Australia and Australians who love Serbia and it’s culture, perform Serbian music, learn Serbian language, etc.