My Belgrade

Documentary series “My Belgrade” (Moj Beograd) was broadcasted at Television Studio B and it is valuable document and mosaic of history and life in Belgrade. Society of Economic Journalists of Serbia (Udruženje privrednih novinara Srbije) awarded Ivana Nikolic with “Golden Ten” (Zlatna Desetka) for “My Belgrade” and significant contribution to a spirit of Belgrade and preserving its values. Readers of Serbian TV magazine “TV Revija” have chosen this documentary series for one of three favourite documentaries broadcasted in Serbia at both national and foreign TV networks.

For over 12 years, as an author and host of “My Belgrade” Ivana filmed more than 300 episodes and interviewed many remarkable artists, scientists, sportsmen, journalists and other renowned people mostly from Serbia, but also from Russia, USA, Guinea-Bissau, Germany, France, etc.

She also created mini-series “My Belgrade and My Melbourne” as a special edition of “My Belgrade”. It was filmed in Melbourne, Sydney, Belgrade and other places in Serbia and Australia.